How To Air Condition A Tent? (January 2022 Updated)

Camping would be fun indeed, but a hot summer day might spoil the whole mood. Especially if the camping land has high humidity, the nights will be hot and uncomfortable. Air conditioning the tent might be a welcoming idea but how to air-condition your tent? What will be the cost to air condition a tent?

As you have come across this article, I believe you are looking for the best ways to air condition a tent. So, don’t dilly dally & check our premium tricks now as we have highlighted a detailed discussion on how to air condition a tent. So, be ready with equipment and start air conditioning the tent for a fun camping trip!


How much does it cost to Air Condition a Tent?

How much does it cost to Air Condition a Tent

In order to assist decorators in air conditioning a camping tent, we have discussed step-by-step procedures along with their expenses. So, let’s jump in for the details now!

Decide The Power Source For The AC:

While discussing how to air condition a tent? The decorator must consider the available power source for air-conditioning. Will he draw power from an adjacent building by cables?

  • Professional decorators prefer generators to provide adequate electricity to operate the air cooler.
  • Determine cable length beforehand for the current draw.
  • If he chooses a lengthy cable, he will also need a big one to balance the voltage and current draw.
  • We would advise utilizing cable ramps and diffusers for safety and easy installation.



  • As Purchasing a generator will be super costly ($400 minimum), we would advise using the one from the adjacent building. 
  • The generator power cable cost will vary as per length—a 25 ft. Power cable may cost $50 approximately.


Gather up the equipment:

After determining the power supply, you will need the following materials to complete the whole procedure.

  • Window mounted AC (5000 BTU)
  • Ripstop Nylon (two yards)
  • Fabric glue
  • Bungee cords.



  • The cost of the AC may vary depending on brands & models. Generally, a 5000 BTU 450 W AC will cost around $41.
  • The nylon may cost $14 approximately.
  • A decorator can purchase highly adhesive fabric glue from any local shop by paying only $6 to $10.
  • Bungee cords are pretty cheap (around $3 – $5)

Make A Plan:

  • Measure its size and mark that on the nylon and tent with a marker.
  • Try to adhere the Ripstop fabric with the outside tent with some fabric glue.
  • While creating the ducting part, leave some extra inches than A/C’s actual measurement for proper fitting.
  • As the decorator needs to attach the duct system with the tent, the other end of the duct will need to be within the hole.

Take The First Step:

  • As a first step of how to air condition your tent, you need to clean the tent.
  • After cleaning the tent, decide the location & height to place the A/C unit.
  • Never choose a place where you have to cut through the moisture barrier.


Cut The Materials & Place The AC:

  • measure the A/C unit & mark the measurements on the nylon fabric. Both spray glue or beacon fabric glues are suitable for adhering the nylon with the tent’s exterior.
  • We would advise collapsing the tent first to reduce wrinkles while gluing.
  • Once the glue has dried up, the decorator can make the hole for A/C unit placement.
  •  After preparing the hole, place the Air conditioner perfectly.
  • If you had a tent with an air conditioner slot, the installation procedure would have been super easy. In that case, you have to fit the A/C within the slot perfectly.


Create Connection Tubes:

  • Measuring the circumferential distance around the A/C unit is vital to determine the length of the tunnel.
  • Though determination of tunnel length is basically a personal choice, I prefer lengthy tunnel fabric as longer ones ease up cutting down and installation.
  • We prefer longer tunnel fiber as 2 to 3 inches of fiber is used during gluing tubes together. 2 to 3 inches overlap will strengthen the bond. However, don’t ever glue the tube’s bottom.
  • Now check all the corners of the hole and apply flaps to connect the tunnel to the tent. A 3 to 4 inches flap will be enough to secure the tunnel tightly to the tent.
  • After binding the tunnel with the tent, apply bungee cords to adhere to the whole tunnel system with the A/C unit. At last, roll the tunnel system up for proper & compact fittings. It is better to stretch the tunnel as saggy tunnel fibers will reduce airflow.


Once your A/C is set, it’s a suitable tent for hot weather. It will take around two minutes to cool down the temperature of the tent. An air-conditioned camping tent will be super cool, comfy and will ensure a good sleep all night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you put a portable air conditioner in a tent? 

A: Yes, a portable air conditioner can be a great choice to cool down the tent. However, it should be powerful & efficient enough to meet up the cooling requirements.


Q: How can I keep my tent cool without electricity? 

A: As you have searched How to cool a tent without electricity, I believe you don’t want to invest in expensive air conditioning and camping generators. Thus, follow the three tricks below to keep the tent cool naturally.

  • Try to place the tent in natural shades like trees, hills, or buildings. Riverside camping will also be an incredible choice as a tiny breeze will provide an excellent & cold effect on a hot summer day.
  • Install the tent after the sun goes down.
  • It’s an incredible idea to cover up the tent with some space blanket if the natural shade is not available.


Q: How do I cool my outdoor tent?

A: In order to keep the outdoor tent cool:

  • Choose a tent with high mesh components.
  • Utilize reflective sun shades.
  • Place the tent on the shaded ground & don’t assemble it during the day.
  • Purchase a portable fan or set up a tent A/C.



I bet you don’t want to spoil the camping trip on a hot summer day. That’s why most people prefer air conditioning during camping but how to air condition a tent? This article has discussed every detail of A/C installation in the tent along with its expenses. So, will you choose to cool down the tent or want to be fries inside the hot tent?


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