How To Attach A Tent To A Backpack? (Complete Guideline)

Doesn’t fitting a tent in a backpack sound tricky? How to attach a tent to a backpack? These are the frequent queries of every hiker who has faced hiking for the very first time. In order to experience the ultimate enjoyment in the outdoor event, every hiker should care about such details.

He just can’t put all his stuff in the bag pack without any plan. An incorrectly packed tent inside the backpack can severely hurt or injure the back. Even then, many hikers don’t know the proper method of packing a tent. To my surprise, most hikers were like, “Just pack the tent in a contractor bag & place it at the bottom of the backpack.”

Well, I wouldn’t say I like to place the dirty & wet tent with my sleeping bag. I would rather prefer mounting the tent outside the backpack. In this article, we have discussed every method to mount the tent with the pack. So, please read our article thoroughly and attach the tent to the backpack properly to enjoy the hiking gracefully.


How to Attach Tent and Sleeping Bag to Backpack

How to Attach Tent and Sleeping Bag to Backpack

Packing the tent & tent footprint is essential as it will affect the overall comfort while hiking. Because of proper packaging, a hiker has enough space for extra gears and can enjoy a fatigue-free journey. In order to mount the Pup tent for camping to the backpack, at first, a user needs to prepare it.


How to Prepare The Tent

  • Firstly, place the tent on the ground and align the tent’s pole bag along with the tent.
  • Roll the tent as well as the aligned pole bag to ensure extra support to the tent.


How To Fit A Tent Inside The Backpack

After preparing the tent, it’s time to insert the rolled tent.

Key Notes

  • Open the backpack and keep the tent with pole bags in the middle as pole bags can ensure superior central support.
  • Never insert a wet tent inside the backpack, as it will increase the load.
  • Roaming around with a dry tent is relatively more straightforward and comfy.
  • While placing the contents inside the bag, keep the heavy ones at the bottom and lighter ones at the top. We would advise setting the tent at a middle segment.
  • Placing heavy kinds of stuff in the middle or top will put excess pressure on the back. Thus, hikers will become tired just by walking several miles.
  • Sleeping bags are the heaviest stuff, and placing them at the bottom Is an intelligent choice. Keep the tent just above the sleeping bag. Maintaining this balance is necessary to prevent strain on the back.
  • Vertical or horizontal placement of the tent is a personal preference. The horizontal placement gives more space for other stuff, while vertical placement offers better accessibility.


Attach The Tent to the Outside of the Backpack

While discussing How to mount a tent on the backpack? hikers wonder about the techniques to attach the tent to the bag’s exterior. I personally prefer outside mounting of the tent if the tent is wet and dirty. This technique enables a hiker to carry more gears during outdoor events. Thus, he will get easy access, and the gears will be in a good state in the spacious backpack.

However, How to tie a tent to a backpack? How to pack the tent outside the bag? Let’s jump in below for a good concept!


Fitting Tent In Backpack By Utilizing the external frame

External frame backpacks are quite renowned among hikers. They not only have an amazing appearance but also provide incredible support & rigidity. If he has to carry bulky & heavy loads, fitting a tent in a backpack using an external frame is the best choice.

Well, it’s not like internal frame backpacks are not helpful. In this context, external frame backpacks are especially suitable for carrying tents and gears externally. Such a design enables him to carry heavy loads for a long time with less fatigue.

If a user wants to mount a tent with superior stability & proper weight distribution, he must choose these frames. External frame backpacks feature a certain point. Tie the tent tightly with that point at the bottom which will reduce swinging & prevent back pain.


Fit Tent By Backpack’s Compression Straps

Both External & internal frame backpacks must contain multiple compression straps for proper protection. If the pack doesn’t hold any loop ties, try compression straps to mount the tent. In order to try this method, the straps should be tough enough for carriage.

Key Notes

  • Just pass the compression straps over the tent bag and tighten the fittings by connecting buckles.
  • We would advise utilizing loose straps for extra stability to the tent.
  • Straps tend to compress weight by concentrating load on the core muscles. Just maintain a balance on each side of the bag for a comfortable journey.


Attach your Tent to Backpack by Backpack’s closed Loop Ties

If you are looking for the easiest method to tie a tent to a backpack, this is the one you need.

  • If the backpack has loop ties and the tent has carrying straps, just tie them together, and that’s all!
  • Tighten the fittings so that the tent can’t sway around. This method keeps the tent safe, and you don’t have the risk of losing it.


Ensure Proper Protection Against Rain

After attaching the tent outside of the backpack, a user needs to provide proper protection. Though a tent has water-proof elements, letting the water inside the tent when it is packed may cause severe damage. Ensure extra safety to the tent from rain by zipping it in a water-proof bag.


Where Should I Mount The Tent?

  • Mounting at the top of the bag may feel awkward while roaming.
  • Attach the tent at the bottom of the backpack instead. This technique will make the trip comfy by providing less strain on the back. You will be able to cover long distances easily.


Disadvantages of Mounting the Tent outside the Backpack

Outside mounting of the tent is beneficial indeed, but it has several disadvantages as well.

  • The tent is prone to damage as it is mounted outside of the backpack. Pointed objects or branches can ruin or rip the tent.
  • Proper attachment is a must because a bit of swaying or loose-fitting may lead to falling off the tent eventually. Obviously, you would hate to lose the tent on the way of his journey.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do you put a tent on a backpack?

A: A hiker should place the tent either just above the sleeping bag or in the middle space inside the backpack. Such placement will save the back from strain & back pain as the heaviest items are not enforcing excess pressure on the back.


Q: How do you attach things to a backpack?

A: Compression straps and daisy chains enable hikers to attach tents and other necessary gears to the backpack easily.



How to attach a tent to a backpack? is a common confusion among beginners. In fact, many professionals don’t have a clear concept about fitting tents in a backpack, even though mispackaging may cause serious inconvenience. As you have read this article till now, I believe you have realized the ideal method to arrange stuff in your backpack for the next hiking trip. So, organize your tent & other gears in the baggage and enjoy comfortable camping!


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