How To Make A Camping Tent From Scratch in 2022

If you are a hiker, you must know about tenting as it’s a part of hiking for more than one day. Again, you may need to spend a night down the open sky when you are on a trip. So, a tent is the best option to overcome that situation. You may ask How to Make a Camping Tent from Scratch?


Well, before building a tent you should know that- who can use the tent? If you are the person with no living place in the middle of your trip or hiking or any other reason, then the tent is for you. You need to learn How to Make a Camping Tent from Scratch.


For developing your basic skill, you have arrived at the process of how to build a tent from scratch. Again, you will get to know about the different methods for making a tent with some FAQs. So, let’s start.


Why Do You Need to Make a Camping Tent?

If you are in the middle of your journey and a thunderstorm strikes, what will you do at that time? OR you need to spend a night, and there is cold outside- what will you do to survive? Tenting is a survival skill to acquire. It can save you from many unwanted incidents just because you got some protection over yourself.

So, you need to learn how to make a camping tent by yourself. The tent-making process is not rocket science that you can’t learn. It is a simple skill to learn where you can be a professional tent maker within a few practice times.

As you know, making a tent is not a tough task to do, and so you need to learn it to enhance your survival skill a little more. So, let’s see the DIY camping tent process step by step with different methods.


How to Make a Camping Tent at Home? [3 Easy Methods]

How to Make a Camping Tent at Home [3 Easy Methods]


Tenting is a universal process to survive in an unknown place, and there are many methods available in the world to make a tent at home. But, we will talk about the most popular three methods. By following them, you can build your tent at home.

Though tents for tall people, tents for summer, tents for winter, and tents for rainy seasons are different, making a tent is the same. Ok, let’s explore the three easy methods-

First Method

Based on your situation, we have selected the first method where you don’t have adequate resources to make a tent from scratch. Before making the tent, you need to make sure that there are two trees and you are going to build the tent between them.

Caution: This type of tent may not save you from severe conditions like a demonstrative thunderstorm or cyclone.

Required Equipment

  • Waterproof sheet or trap (Tarpaulin)
  • Sticks
  • Rope

How To?

  • First, you need to choose two trees at a minimum 8-10 feet distance from each other and check that no dead brunches are in the tent area.
  • Tie your rope in between the two trees and make the height according to your body size. So that when you sit in that place, the roof doesn’t touch your head.
  • Time to layover the waterproof sheet or trap onto the rope, and you are almost done.
  • Now, take the sticks, seal the tent’s parts with the stick, and leave one spot so that you can comfortably get in and out of the tent. 
Tips: You can use rocks or stones on the closed side so that heavy wind can’t do any harm to your tent.

Second Method

You might have to make a tent in a place where trees are not available for sheltering you. So, what to do or how to make a tent place like this? In this method, you can make your tent with only one very amazing tree. This tent-making skill will help you to increase your survival skill a little bit more. So, let’s do it.

Required Equipment

  • Waterproofing sheet or trap
  • Sticks
  • Strong Rope

How To?

  • The most important thing is selecting a tree in the place where you are going to pull over your tent.
  • Take your rope and tie it tight in a medium height of the tree and use your rope binding skill to have the best result.
  • Now, pull the rope and take it to the ground. After that, put the rope into the ground according to your required size.
  • To get an amazing tri-angle-shaped tent, you need to layover your tent sheet onto the rope.
  • Use the sticks to seal the parts of the tent and leave one part untouched or open, and you are done with another method of making a tent.


Tips: Use rock or stone if available to ensure more security of your tent.


Third Method

If you are thinking about making a tent at home with blankets, you need to follow this method. This is a very easy method to follow to make a tent at home. You need not have a tree or any support for this type of tent, and it is less secure as well.

You will require some equipment to make this tent by following the steps below. So, let’s make it.

Required Equipment

  • Waterproof sheet or trap
  • Blankets
  • Sticks
  • Strong rope

How To?

  • Find out a flat base to layover the waterproof sheet along with the blanket over it so that you get much comfort.
  • Now build a ditch in every corner by taking the actual measurement of the sticks. Make sure that the ditches are narrower than the measurements of the sticks or poles so that you get extreme durability.
  • In this step, cut your rope into 4 equal parts according to the size of the tent and leave it to untie.
  • Go to your desired location where you have made holes and put a big stick at the center of the sheet and use other sticks to seal the sheet to the ground. Leave one side open for entrance.


Tips: The middle stick should be chosen according to your comfortable height.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to search for the perfect place for the Tarpaulin or Tent?

A: If you are staying in a jungle place, there will be lots of trees, and you need to make sure the place is dry, and there are no dead branches of trees. If you find any casualties, then clean that place for your comfort and security.


Again, if you are tenting in a rural place where trees are not available, you need to make sure that the surface is flat and clean.



Q: How to build the Tent or Tarpaulin Using Trees?

A: If you are thinking of making a 4 person tent using trees, you need to find trees distancing from one another about 20-25 feet. Again, you need to choose a sheet which is fit for 4 persons. 





Hopefully, you have learned of making a tent at home easily by following these easy methods and have known how to build a tent with sticks.


As you have also known, tenting is a skill which can’t be acquired very often. It would be best if you practiced it more and more, and after practicing several times, you will also be a professional in making a tent.


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